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The Bebe Diplome

The Graduate - 18 Months

Toddlers are fun and energetic, they are discovering the world is a wonder.  This is the time when your child is still a baby but is beginning to venture out to discover their world, one precious day at a time.

The Independent - 2 Year Session

Two-year-olds are full of life and busy, busy, busy. These independent little souls are brave and shy, serious and playful. This memorable time in a child’s life is one to always remember.

Little Dreamer - Three Year Session

Pre-school children are eager to learn and investigate the world. You have a full appreciation of their personality, and they’re loving, cuddly, little people with fantastic imaginations.

The Explorer - Four Year Session

Four-Year-Olds are busy little learners, interested in everything.  They are driven by curiosity and are eager to play dress-up, trying on roles from ballerinas to football players, fairies to construction workers.

A New Beginning - Five Year Session

Your little one is growing up and starting school. Oh, how quickly time passes—these children are losing their baby fat, losing teeth and maturing into school children.