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This is a great time to focus on all the little details - the hands, fingers, toes and the special bond between a newborn and parent. 

Before your session, be sure to give your little one a bath, and apply some baby lotion to keep their skin baby soft and glowing.

Mom and Dad should be dressed in comfortable black clothes. This creates a solid backdrop to display the baby in your arms. Long sleeves are best but any length will work. Your baby can be bare, or in their diaper with a diaper cover.

Be sure to pack your diaper bag with all the essentials: formula, diapers and toys. We have a lot of baby items too so don’t stress if you forget something.

Parents please bring yourself an extra pair of clothes incase of an accident.

Try to relax and enjoy your session. Make sure you bring a binkie and blanket to comfort your little one between shots.